Butt Implants: Intramuscular versus Under the Muscle

Hi, do you know what's the different result between 275cc round intramuscular & 400cc under-muscular ? Does 400cc give bigger butt projection?

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Under vs intra

I think the numbers you mention are mixed. 

By description submuscular implants should be smaller, because they have the risk to damaging the sciatic nerve, contrary to the intramuscular implants. and of course that difference will be important in the size.

I, like a few other colleagues offer online consultations where you send us your photos and we can estimate the cost. Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and discuss what will be the proper treatment to achieve the result you desires.


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Butt implants: Intra-muscular plane

It is not possible to put under the muscle an implant of 400 cc. The under muscular pocket, only allows smaller implants, volume around 250 cc, and the projection obtained in this space is going to be in the upper half of the buttocks. Usually putting the implants in this space (under the muscle) don’t fill the lower pole of your buttocks and runs a greater risk of impinging on the sciatic nerve.

IF you want a lot of projection, a rounder look on the lower part of your buttocks from the side and you want the implants look natural, the intra-muscular space (within the muscle) is the correct plane, so that there are around 3 cm of muscle fibers covering the implant for best protection, in this plane the implant can’t shift around, does not sag, less distortion and visibility.

The "best" implant (size and shape) for you, are based on buttocks dimentions ((length and width.) of your gluteal area, body type, your skin quality and underlying tissues, including the elasticity of the muscles measured at your consultation. An intramuscular location is limited usually no greater than 500 cc.

Attempting to place an overly large implant in the buttock (intra-muscular plane) will not result in a pleasing appearance and can carry a high risk of complications.

Many surgeons do not perform the intramuscular approach because this operation requires the most meticulous dissection for soft tissue coverage of the implants. It is a surgery that requires great expertise and finesse to achieve a good results. 

 Orlando Figueroa Cerpa M.D.

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Butt implant pocket

There is no safe pocket under the gluteus muscle. The only safe options are intra-muscular or above the muscle but under the fascia of the muscle. I prefer intramuscular placement of implants. 400cc would definitely give you more projection assuming the same shape implants are used but this may also increase risk of complications from the surgery. Best of luck

Josh Olson, MD
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Buttock Implants Pocket Locations

There is no surgical technique where buttock implants are placed under the gluteus maximus muscle. That is a very unsafe plane of implant location as it will compress the sciatic nerve. There is intramuscular buttock implant placement and subfascial (above the muscle) buttock implant placement. These are the two accepted pocket locations for buttock implants.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Butt Implants: Intramuscular versus Under the Muscle

Hi and thanks for your question. I start saying that there is a big difference between 275 and 400cc and result would be different either placed intramuscular or submuscular. I prefer the first plane since nerve or vessel injury is avoided and results are great though some surgeons place them submuscular and have good results too. Be sure your plastic surgeon is board certified, talk to him about planes and implants volumes to achieve best results for you.
Best wishes.

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Butt Implants: Intramuscular versus Under the Muscle

Implants placed within the muscle will appear more natural and feel more natural without the risk for sciatic nerve compression found in under the muscle implants.  If you are a small person, there is no way to get 400 cc and have complete muscle coverage.  Realize that the studies done show that anything over 350 cc is likely to have more complications.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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