How much Juvederm would be needed?

How much juvaderm would be needed to correct my smile lines?

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1-2 ml of Juvederm for smile lines.

Like others, I would say 1-2 mls. I ml of Juvederm Volift will get the smile lines, however for a more natural look, the idea is to LIFT the lines, as well as reduce them. Replacing mid facial volume loss would give a better and more natural look, than just blunting the lines. If this were to be done, 2 mls would be needed. 

I would use 1ml Juvederm VOLUMA for mid cheek, and 1ml JUVEDERM Volift for lines. 

All the best

Dr Davin Lim 
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia. 

Brisbane Dermatologist
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Thank you for your question in regards to Juvederm. Depending on your desired goals, 1-2 syringes of product would be sufficient. Starting off with less and bulding from there is the safest way to begin. To be sure, see two or more board-certified providers in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have treatment.
I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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How many syringes for smile lines?

Thank you for posting your question and photo. It appears that 1-2 syringes of Juvederm would be sufficient to treat your problem. You should start with one syringe, because you can always add more. See an experienced injector.
Good luck,

James R. Gordon, MD, FACS, FAAO
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Juvederm and Nasolabial Lines

It will probably take one to two syringes to correct this nasolabial area.  Please consult an expert. and let us know how your results.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Amount of filler for improvement

Depending upon the improvements you are interested in, be prepared to use 1-2 syringes. It is best to seek a consultation to discuss your concerns

John B. Lazor, MD, MBA, FACS
Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Filler for folds

Often it can take one or two syringes and sometimes more to soften the folds.  Best of luck with your decision to move forward.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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How much Juvederm would be needed? (photos)

Thank you for your question and for sharing your photographs.  Based on the amount of desired correction I would anticipate one syringe for both sides of your face.  This area typically requires one syringe per side,but it is usually wise to start with one syringe and add more as needed.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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How Much Juvederm

Dear Jmon,

Thank you for your question. I think you are referring to your nasolabial fold lines. I would use 1/2 syringe to a full syringe total for both sides. I think you will have a very successful result. Juvederm is the best filler for you especially if it is your first time.

Good luck!

Dr. R

Morgan Rabach, MD
New York Dermatologist
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How much Juvederm is Needed

It is hard to tell from this photo. I'm not certain what the areas of concerns are. You have full lips and youthful philthril columns (the lines above the lips that can flatten with age)  An in person consultation with an experienced injector would be ideal. 

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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