Exercise After Liposuction

How Quickly Can I Return to Exercising After Lipo Suction

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Excercising after liposuction.

Talk about your activity level with your surgeon, he/she is in the best position to guide you.
However, my general rule is that you can resume treadmill activity with a MPH that is equal to your week of recovery i.e. Week 1 = 1MPH, Week 2 = 2MPH, etc.

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Exercise after liposuction?

WALK , DON'T RUN.   I have payient start walkin the day of surgery even if large cases.  The next day more and so on.  Increase little by little.  Walk don't run idea.   As far as going to the gym and full blast ahaed I tell patients to do as they wish after 2 weeks.  You cant hurt nyourself but some exercise may be uncomfirtable.  Let discomfort be you guide.  Be sensible.    I had a male patient ride his bike 2 days after a big liposuction (50 miles) and he ended up with bleeding that required surgery. He violated my advice clearly.  This is nonsense.  But at 2 weeks you can ski, sky dive, bungie cord, golf, whatever andytour surgical result will be fine.   Good luck

Exercise following Liposuction

Light walking but not running begins immediately after surgery once you are home. Normal activity may be resumed at 2 weeks post operation to tolerance and that would include elliptical and light cardio.  In general, patients may return to office work 3-5 days after the operation, and 14 days for more active employment.  After the operation, exercises are recommended, such as walking immediately and progressive activities beginning on the 14th day, in order to minimize the adhesions between the skin and the deeper tissues. Walking, swimming, or a stationary bicycle can usually begin in a few days after surgery. Specific time periods for resumption of daily activities, work, and exercise with be further discussed by your surgeon post operation.

Exercising after Liposuction

Thank you for your question.  As a general rule, patients should defer to their operating surgeon's guidelines with regards to post-operative care including exercise, heavy lifting, compression garment use or non-use, etc...  In my practice, I ask that patients refrain from all exercise and heavy lifting for four weeks following their surgical procedure.  It is important that patients ambulate or leisurely walk around following surgery to promote good circulation, but exercising too soon can compromise your healing and increase the amount of post-operative swelling that a patient can expect to have.  Best of luck!

About a week or so

Moderate exercise can be resumed after one week, depending on the size of the area and how many areas are involved. But you should ask your surgeon.

Ask your surgeon, but usually 3 weeks after surgery

I generally advise that patients wait at least 3 weeks before they start exercising again. Please make sure to start off slowly.  
However, you should follow your surgeon's instructions as they may have different guidelines.

Lipsuction and exercise

In general, I allow my patients to return to the gym after liposuction in one to two weeks.  That is much earlier than other surgeries. But, I would ask your doctor.

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Resuming exercising following liposuction

Recommendations for exercising following liposuction vary considerably among plastic surgeons and there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer. With this in mind, you can be active soon after surgery but in a mild way such as walking in moderation. I do not recommend heavy lifting, aerobics, running until 2.5 weeks following surgery.

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Liposuction and physical activity

I reccomend my patient wait 1 week before resuming aerobic excercise and 2 weeks before resuming any weight training.  I think most importantly, you need to wear good compression and keep incisions clean.

Excersie after liposuction

It really depends on your surgeon's recommendations but in most cases, patients can return to full activity after 2 weeks.

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