Laser liposuction for chubby cheeks?

I am a slim 29-year-old man and I want to loose my chubby cheeks, All my family have chubby cheeks. I have already make a liposuction, with a verry little result cheeks ar already here. I read on the net many procedures, bichat fat pad excision ,laser liposcution smartlipo ? Can you help me?

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Chubby cheeks may not be fat

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You mentioned you already had liposuction? If the areas you outlined were in fact treated already by liposuction, you may have enlarge chewing muscles (hypertrophic masseter muscles) to cause the size of your mid cheek (not the area you drew along the jaw).  This area can be treated by an expert in this condition with Botox, but the result is temporary and there are side effects and risks that you need to discuss with that doctor before you undergo the treatment.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Chubby ckeeks need a diagnosis. Then treat.

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VASER LIPOSUCTION, PLAIN SIMPLE SMALL CANULA LIPOSUCTION ALL WORK.  I FEEL VASER GIVES THE BEST RESULTS AFTER DOING 1200 + CASES OVER 9 YEARS.  Diagnosis is critical.  Why do you have chubby cheeks?  Do you have fat under you skin or do you have large buccal fat pads or both.  After diagnosis , it is a simple procedure to carry ou one or both of the procedures and you will be pleased.  If you weight is correct there is other choice if you want to be thinner in the cheeks.   good luck..

Chubby Cheeks Can Be Improved With Buccal Lipectomies and Perioral Mound Liposuction

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Chubby cheeks are actually composed of two different fat issues, the upper submalar area where the buccal fat pad lives and the lower submalar area which is not a separate fat compartment but diffuse subcutaneous fat. A buccal lipectomy will help reduce the size of the area right under the cheek but will not change the fullness below that closer to the level of the mouth. These are perioral mounds which can be reduced by very small cannula liposuction done from inside the corners of the mouth. Both locations of fat removal are needed to get the best reduction of chubby cheeks.

Getting rid of "chubby cheeks"

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Removing the buccal fat pads is one way to decrease fullness in the lower face.  In fact, I had it done myself several years ago.  My partners and I generally do it through a small incision inside of the mouth and then close that incision with just one or two stiches that disolve so there are no scars on the face.  These fat pads are in the vicinity of the ink marks on the photos, but not that large.

Byron D. Poindexter, MD
Reston Plastic Surgeon

Buccal fat pad excision

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Buccal fat pad excision is a very simple procedure  that is done as an outpatient procedure and can improve the fullness ion the ower cheek that contributes to the the "chipmunk" look.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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