Seroma problem for almost a year

Had bbl done in Miami June 2nd 2015. Fat didn't survive in one cheek . Turned into seroma after drained. Surgeon drained for three days. Wore drain for 2 days. Came back then wore drain for a week about a month ago . I put compression. But it's back again not as bad as beginning . Help! So frustrated my surgeon is not much help! Should I wear another drain or just have surgery done to get rid of it ? Thanks

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If you have a chronic seroma, then you might want to consider an interventional radiologist to possibly drain it.

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Chronic seroma

Seroma formations are unusual after both liposuction and fat transfer.

When they do happen the treatment is draining it completely and frequently until it has resolved.

Sometimes placing a drain is helpful.

In those cases the drain should be left in until there is very little fluid coming out of the drain.

Drains typically stay in for a few days but can need to stay in for several weeks.
If it's a seroma is not treated early a membrane or it capsule will develop around the fluid collection.

Once a capsule has formed it becomes more difficult to get the seroma to resolve by draining it.

at this point you may need to have the seroma including the capsule surgically removed.

your original plastic surgeon is responsible for taking care of you.

Continue communicating with your plastic surgeon to see if he or she is willing to manage this until you have a definitive treatment plan.

Traveling for cosmetic surgery is not ideal specifically when complications or revisions are needed.

Any board-certified plastic surgeon should know how to properly manage to seromas.

Best of luck,

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Seroma Problem Post BBL

I am sorry to hear about your current situation.  It may not be a bad idea to have an ultrasound.  Sometimes this can localize where the seroma is and a small drain can be placed in the particular location.  This will hopefully allow it to collapse on its own.  However, if the seroma keeps coming back, there is a small chance it needs to be opened surgically by a small incision and then get the fluid (bursa) out that way.  The area could be re-injected with fat at a later date so that the cosmetic result will still be a good one.  Best of luck!

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