Would I or Would I Not Qualify for Invisalign? (photo)

Hi, I would like an opinion about my teeth. I have adult teeth but I got 2 fake tooths put in. On my picture, it is my teeth. I have one fake tooth next to my left front tooth and one fake tooth next to my right front tooth. I have an option in the future to get 2 dental implants. but, would i be able to get invisalign treatment even though I have 2 caps? (2 fake tooths) or would they have to be taken out and stuck onto the trays? Would I qualify/ not qualify for Invisalign? (reason why)

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Invisalign Candidate

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You would be a great invisalign candidate.  THey can work on and around the fake teeth.  Make sure you find a provider who is familiar with the extra technique that is necessary to work around/with fake or prosthetic teeth

Yes, you would qualify for Invisalign

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It looks like you would qualify for Invisalign treatment, but a detailed plan needs to be set up from the start so that both you and your dentist have a clear understanding of your goals.

After an exam and x-rays by an experienced Invisalign dentist, he or she can explain the various options for working around the "fake teeth" you mentioned.  If they are just single crowns, they can be incorporated into the Invisalign process with no problem.  If they are bridges (connected to adjacent teeth), they may need to be removed before Invisalign, and the Invisalign trays can be filled with a material so it looks like a tooth is still present when you smile.  

If it is just the space between your front teeth that you are concerned about, you could also consider cosmetic bonding to close that gap without braces or Invisalign.  


Kristen Berning, DDS
Dubuque Dentist

Yes Invisalign will work great for you..

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If those teeth are crowns then we simply make sure they are part of the treatment..They can be moved even tho they are crowned or capped. If they are bridges or bonded onto the neighbor teeth then they cant be moved but the teeth around them can. hope this helps you out....Dr Thomas

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Hell yeh

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you are a great candidate. Start you 2012 off right and get going. Everything you mentioned is not unheard of and is worked around all the time.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

Are you a candidate for invisalign?

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From looking at the photo you look like you would be an ideal candidate for invisalign  even though you have 2 crowns in the front of your mouth.  Make sure you find a dentist who has experience treating this type of case

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