How Many Trays Are in a Set of Invisalign Full? And How Much Does a Full Set Cost on Average??

How Many Trays Are in a Set of Invisalign Full? And How Much Does a Full Set Cost on Average??

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How Many Trays

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I have had anywhere from 11 to 45 trays on an invisalign full for my patients. This is the initial set that comes.  Almost invariably there are rrefinements or mid course corrections which can be equal or more in the number of trays.  It really varies on the come city of the case, the patient compliance, ability of the computer to predict outcome and planning skill of the Doctor.  There is great variation. Once you send your case into onvisalign they should be able to predict

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Invisalign Full treatment

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The number of trays needed totally depends on each case.  Invisalign Full by definition has to have more than 10 trays.  This means it could be as few as 11 trays or as many as 25 or even more.  Invisalign Full treatment average cost is around $5,000 to $6,000 but keep in mind there can be considerable variability depending on where you live.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

Every Invisalign case is unique

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There is no set number for a case when doing Invisalign.  There is a MAXIMUM number when qualifying for an Express case, 10 or fewer, but anything more than 10 is considered a full case.  A full case can be 11 up to 100 (although the most I have done was 34).

The fee will vary based on location and case complexity.  A case in Manhattan will be more than a case in Duluth, and a case with 15 aligners may cost more than a case with 40 (many more office visits).

Plan on between $3000 to $9000

Invisalign full is 11 aligners or more..

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Invisalign express is 10 aligners or less. Every single case is different so counting the number of aligners is really not important for you if you are shopping around for the best deal..Express fees are around 3k and full cases range from 4k on up...

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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