Can a Person Start an Invisalign Program with One Dentist and Finish and Finish with Another?

Can a person such as a so-called "snowbird" start an invisalin program in one location and dentist and finish in another with a different dentist?

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Invisalign case can be transferred if necessary

Yes, an Invisalign case can be transferred if necessary due to a patient moving.  The Align company does allow it and your computer records will be transferred with your permission, but the treating dentists have to agree to give and accept a transfer.  Both dentists will need to be compensated for their time, skills, and materials so a patient might end up paying extra for this situation. 

Transferring Invisalign cases between dentists..

We really dont like to do that but we will if absolutely necessary. I've done a few transfer cases and the biggest issue is getting money from the patient or the  ex dentist to cover my fee. If the old dentist collected the entire fee in the beginning then how can another dentist take over..? gets a little sticky..but its doable..

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist
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Transferring Providers with Invisalign

Yes Invisalign can be transfered.  Usually this happens if somebody moves unexpectedly.  It's called a case transfer.  It should be avoided if possible because continuity of care is of great importance and there may be subtle differences on how providers get to a result.  Usually the cost will be greater if you use two instead of one.  Invisalign will transfer the case if all parties involved agree, but the fees have to be worked out with the respective individual clinicians.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Different dentist working on one Invisalign case

I agree that it would have to be worked out ahead of time. I don't think you will find a dentist to work on your case unless the case is "transferred" over from Invisalign. Then the original dentist looses his records. It may be better to just work with the dentist in the state that you spend the most time in and see if you can spread out the appointments and maybe travel once in between. I sometimes keep in touch by cell phone photos when patients are out of town. If you are strict about wearing the aligners and keep in touch and get approval to continue by the dentist it could work. Otherwise you will end up wearing the aligners for a longer time and having to correct the problem when you get back in town. I hope this helps. It's better to work with one dentist.

Deborah Petronio, DDS
East Aurora Dentist

Sharing Invisalign cases would need to be worked out with the dentists

Whether an Invisalign case can be shared or not is up to the treating dentists.  If the dentists are willing to share the fee there likely is not a problem, however there is no obligation for dentists to do so.  Most dentists are able to find a solution, but this should be worked out before treatment begins.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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