Punched at Bottom of the Eye, How Long to Heal?

my younger brother gave a a punch with his elbow just at the bottom of the eye in the skin area now it turned blue in colour allover the eye?is it risky?it pains.how long will it take to recover?what should i do?will the mark remain parmanent on that area?

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Bruising following blunt trauma.

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Bruising following a blow to the eye region is very common.  The blue discoloration is due to the unique properties of the porphyrin-containing blood elements that have escaped into the soft tissues following blood vessel rupture caused by the trauma.  As the escaped blood is metabolized and resorbed, the discoloration should completely disappear.  Topical medications and/or light based therapy can speed the process of recovery.  Consult with a qualified facial plastic surgeon.  

Blunt eyelid trauma almost always heals without sequelae.

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Allow the swelling of your eyelids to resolve. This is going to take a number of weeks. If there is a persistent issue see a plastic surgeon.

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