Ptosis Surgery - Plastic Surgeon Vs. Ophthalmologist Surgeon?

Hello, I have so called 'bedroom eyes' and under-eye puffiness. In the past two years due to either contact lens usage or age (I'm 45) or hereditary factors, I've noticed that my eyelids have dropped quite significantly. I use eye drops to lift them and that's worked for a while. My ophthalmologist recommended ptosis surgery which is covered under medical insurance in Canada. My question is, is it better to have this surgery done by him or a plastic surgeon and have both upper and lower eyelids done?

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Ptosis Surgery - Plastic Surgeon Vs. Ophthalmologist Surgeon?

Not all plastic surgeons are comfortable doing ptosis repair and not all ophthalmic surgeons want to do cosmetic surgeries. I think you need to talk to several surgeons in each specialty until you find the right one to do both procedures.

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Oculoplastic surgeon vs plastic surgeon

It sounds like you have upper eyelid ptosis.  It is not wise to use drops to raise your lids for prolonged time.  Surgical correction is available.  It can be combined with other eyelid surgeries, such as upper/lower blepharoplasty.  I recommend you see an oculoplastic surgeon.  An oculoplastic surgeon is an ophthalmologist with subspecialty fellowship training in eyelid surgery. 

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Eyelid ptosis repair

Eyelid ptosis repair is simple but requires a lot of experience. I always refer my cases to qualified occuloplastics surgeon in my region. I strongly recommend seeking the advice of a qualified ophthalmologist that has clear experience with this issue. Best wishes.


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ASOPRS Oculoplastics surgeon

I agree with Dr. DeMars' post. Your best choice would be an Oculoplastics Surgeon, which is a combination Ophthalmologist and Plastics surgeon that focus on facial surgery around the eyes.

If you decide to explore this further, I would recommend consultation with an ASOPRS trained Oculoplastics surgeon. You can find one close to you on the ASOPRS dot org website.

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