What Are the Pros and Cons of Vivaneers?

I've tried searching for information on Vivaneers and have found that there is very minimal sources that can help explain this procedure.

After researching traditional veneers, I've decided against them since permanent damage/pain have been associated. What is the cost of Vivaneers?

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Vivaneers and lumineers are two different brand of the Veneers

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No prep veneers, or traditional veneers are the excellent choices for patients , but the case selection depends on a lot of cosmetic and occlusal factores of patient teeth situation. no prep veneers are almost bulky and if the teeth are already small ar some space existing between the tooth, it works good. prep or shaving down the teeth are irreversible and sometimes needed to get an excellent result. Ask your dentist to make you a prepless temporary veneer first to evaluate your situation first, if it is possible.

Beverly Hills Dentist


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Vivaneers are a type of no-prep minimal prep veneer made by a lab called Glidewell. (this product is similar to Lumineers which happens to be more heavily marketing to the general public)

No-prep veneers can be a good choice for some patients who do not want to cause permanent damage to their teeth.

For some patients if the teeth are not prepared the veneers/Vivaneers even though they are very thin, can still make the teeth look bulky.

No prep veneers work great for patients with small teeth and multiple spaces.

Sylvan Fain, DDS
Miami Dentist

Vivaneers pros and cons: No prep

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The veneer that is best for you will be determined by your dentist, not you. Sorry to sound blunt but no-prep veneers work for a very few people. The teeth end up bulky and not natural looking.

A good dentist knows how to alter the teeth in preparation for porcelain veneers and patients should trust them to do so. The no prep veneers can also make your lips look like Melanie Griffith. Google her and see if you like her photos. And no, I didn't work on her...yet!

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Vivaneers and Veneers in Atlanta

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If you are a candidate for Vivaneers or UltraVeneers or Lumineers (all brands of no-prep veneers), they can be used to enhance your smile in amazing ways. The goal is to create the smile you are looking for. Ultimately, if you are looking to improve your smile, you need the right cosmetic dentist -- one who can use skill and experience along with the right materials (Veneers, Vivaneers, etc) to transform your smile into the gorgeous one you desire. I have a lot of experience improving smiles, and I use the best master ceramists in the country to create the best porcelain veneers of all kinds (Veneers, UltraVeneers, etc.).

Porcelain Veneers: Vivaneers and other NO-PREP options

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Vivaneers and other similar no-prep options, have been trending for some time now, but for only a very few patients do I recommend the no-prep option. Either their existing teeth are small to begin with, or they insist on it and can't be swayed.

Although the no-prep veneers (of which Vivaneer is 1 brand) is super-thin, that little extra something on top of most existing teeth usually creates a bulky unnatural look.

Again, the choice is up to the patient, but if a beautiful natural smile is the ultimate goal, then traditional porcelain veneers are the way to go.

Hope that helps.

James Asaf, DDS

James Asaf, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

Pros/cons of Vivaneers

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Pros of Vivaneers (or any minimal-to-no-prep porcelain veneer) over traditional veneers are that the teeth are minimally prepared, if at all, may be considered "reversible", and have a better bond than traditional veneers that are more heavily prepared. However, the most important part of any cosmetic procedure is picking the right dentist and lab. Make sure the dentist has had a lot of experience with both prep and no-prep veneers and that the lab she works with has designed many of these as well.  The brand name is less important than the craftsmen (dentist, lab technician) doing the work.

Gerilyn Alfe, DMD
Chicago Dentist

Pros and Cons of Vivaneers

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You stated that because of pain and permanent tooth reduction, which is part of getting a porcelain veneer, you have decided to try vivaneers, a no prep veneer.

You need to see a dentist who does both the no prep and the veeners. He will be able to judge the size of your teeth and mouth and make an accurate assessment regarding what your smile will look like with either procedure. If your teeth are large and you have a small mouth, the no prep ones may look to bulky. However, there are new materials out that no preps are made from which make them, very strong, esthetically pleasing and less costly than a full veneer.Besides vivaneers there is a new no prep veneer, Aurum Cristal Veneer which is extremely strong and known for its outstanding esthetic quality.

So in conclusion: Less pain- the no prep is the answer! Less cost -- the no prep is the answer because there is less time involved and less expense No to little reductiion of tooth -- no prep is the answer. Make sure you find a dentist who does BOTH so hhis choice is not what he can do or is most comfortable with, or he makes more money in doing, but what is best for YOU! Good luck!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Vivaneers is just another brand for porcelain veneers

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All methods of "no prep" or "minimal prep" veneers have risks involved. If porcelain is thin, fracture incidence is more common. In an effort to NOT prep teeth, the results are often too big or bulky. Depending on where the starting point is, prepping teeth may not be avoidable to get the desired result.

No prep veneers are still permanent and pain levels are still about the same as prep veneers. If a person wants no prep veneers removed they must be cut off and the removal damages the enamel, which is irreversible. Reports of pain from traditional veneers is normally due to the inexperience of the clinician and not due to the material. I routinely have patients report no discomfort (of any sort) during the entire process.

No prep veneers are marketed to unskilled or untrained dentists as an easy way to improve a smile. However, cosmetic training is still needed to avoid the letdown associated with results that don't meet up as intended. Skilled dentists can and do offer this service, so homework on the dentist providing the service should still be done.

20% of my smile makeovers are simply redoing no prep veneers.

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