Can Veneers Be Taken off if I Want Them Removed?

should veneers not be right, will i be able to have them removed and return to my previous smile?

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Can porcelain veneers be removed?

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Porcelain veneers can be removed.  However, if the teeth were prepped or reduced to place the veneers (most cases are or the veneers will look bulky) then you will have to replace the veneers if removed.  In the non-prep veneers you can sometimes remove them and polish the teeth.

Overall, if you get veneers you should know that you are committed to them and know that they are really irreversible.  Please understand that they can be removed by dentists to place new ones if necessary.  However, well done and esthetic veneers should last a long time.

So as Dr. Kaleinikova said below,  make sure you are seeing an experienced cosmetic dentist and that you have confidence in their skill and artistry

Houston Dentist

Can Veneers Be Taken off if I Want Them Removed?

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The answer to can veneers be taken off is NO.

The heart of your question speaks to how can I be sure that I am going to like my veneers? A thorough cosmetic dentist will have great communication with you during the whole process. On this topic, it's all about the communication and less so about the actual technical dental work.

Here are a few of the steps that are used to be in-sync to get great results (that you'll never want removed):

  • Look for examples of smiles you really like in magazines, cut them out and bring them to the office
  • Bring in photos of yourself (the more close up, the better) that demonstrate what you don't like.
  • Your cosmetic dentist can do computer smile imaging to create a preview of what your veneers and new smile can look like.
  • You can see a mock-up. A plastic preview that approximates what your veneers will look like.
  • You will have plastic temporaries or provisional veneers. You can "test-drive" these to see what you think, as well as get input from those who know you well.
  • Bring a valued friend or family member the day the final porcelain veneers are to be seated. Sometimes someone else can look and help decide if they look natural and "fit" your smile.

I think the most important thing here is to be clear on your own expectations and wants, clearly verbalize them to your cosmetic dentist (and staff), discuss them candidly so that everyone is on the same page about what you want, what is realistic and what is not. 

Take the time to clarify these things BEFORE you have anything started with your teeth. You need confidence in your decisions before you start. The goal is that you will never look back over your shoulder with doubts about having porcelain veneers. 

You CAN have great results with porcelain veneers! Thanks, Dr. Scott Greenhalgh, DDS.

Dental veneer removal tips

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We typically tell patients that Once Veneers, Always Veneers. However, now with no-prep cases, you could conceivably remove the veneers, polish your teeth back to the before status -- but only if your teeth do not require preparation. A better suggestion would be to find the right cosmetic dentist for you -- then you can be sure you will be happy with the result. Go to a few consultations until you know you're in the right hands.

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Only non-preparation veneers are reversible

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There is a very small percentage of porcelain veneers that are considered reversible.  If your dentist is trained in either DURAthin porcelain veneers or Lumineers, it's possible that he or she can not prepare your teeth and just bond the veneers to your virgin teeth.  The percentage of patients who qualify for completely, truly non-preparation veneers is quite small however.  Normally some preparation needs to be done, even if it's just to smooth sharp angles or create a small amount of space for the porcelain.  If the adjustment remains in the enamel, you would not have pain upon removal of the veneer, but the underlying tooth would be slightly different than it used to be.

Gerilyn Alfe, DMD
Chicago Dentist


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Typically if you get veneers, your dentist will reshape your teeth.  In that case, if you need to change veneers, you can't go back to your old smile.  Incase you are a candidate for a no prep veneers, then it is easier to go back to your old teeth.  However, do your research, find a great cosmetic dentist that can show you thier before and after pics and enjoy your new smile. 

Can Porcelain Veneers be Removed

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Porcelain veneers are a commitment that you want to be sure about before you make it.

Porcelain veneers are removable, but if your teeth were reduced or prepped, you will need to have them replaced, as your teeth will be unsightly from the natural tooth reduction that was needed to make your veneers look natural. If your natural teeth were not prepped, they can occasionally be removed before polishing.

Visit a cosmetic dentist who will be able to show you a mock up of your smile. Good cosmetic dentists will be able to do a smile on a digital computer to show you what your new porcelain veneers will look like before you take the next step.

Like any cosmetic dental procedure, it is important to do your research. Find a good cosmetic dentist who can go through all of your options before you go through with the porcelain veneers procedure. Good luck!

Michael Fulbright, DDS
Redondo Beach Dentist


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Once your teeth are prepared for veneers, they will always need to covered with a porcelain restoration. I always tell patients once you get veneers, you will always have veneers. Find a cosmetic dentist you are comfortable with as this is a commitment and you want to be happy with the results. There is a lot of planning that goes into smile design and smile makeovers. Some dentists will let you see a trial smile in your mouth and you get to also test out your smile for some time in temporaries before your final veneers are cemented. Additionally, before your final veneers are cemented you should see them tried in with a try-in cement to approve them and make sure you're happy. All of these steps will ensure you're happy with your end result and won't need to have them removed. Best of luck and follow us for more information!

Removing veneers

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In most cases, it is better to minimally prepare the teeth to allow for appropriate placement of the veneer, so that the veneers don't look bulky. Lumineers are technically no-prep veneers but we see much better aesthetic results with minimally prepped teeth. Technically, if done well, you should love the results and not want to take them back off again. That is why I always make sure we achieve what my patient desires before they are permanently cemented.

Anjali Rajpal, DMD
Beverly Hills Dentist

Removing Veneers & Returning to Previous Smile

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Thank You for posting, this is a common question that we hear from patients all the time. Fortunately, not from patients that have chosen our services!

There are a few things to consider when choosing to have a dental cosmetic procedure. 

First, seek expert opinions. Visit several cosmetic dentist in your area until you find one that you can trust and who listens to your concerns. 

Secondly, know your options. You may not be a great candidate for veneers. In this case your dentist will give their expert opinion and help you make the right decision. 

Lastly, once your natural teeth are prepped for a restoration, like a traditional veneer, it is irreversible to your original enamel. If removed, you will indeed need to place a new type of restoration over your prepped enamel to keep it strong and healthy. 

Veneers are great options for patients looking to enhance their smiles but they are not always the best option for each patient. Veneers are great for front teeth that have small chips, small fractures or teeth that are thin and brittle.  A less invasive and on the rise request is Invisalign ~ clear braces that can achieve a beautiful smile and correct bite issues at the same time. Again, discussing your concerns & goals with your dentist is key in choosing how you should move forward with cosmetic dentistry!

Have a great day!

Don Harvey
Alpharetta, GA 

Donald K. Harvey, DMD
Alpharetta Dentist

Can My Veneers Be Taken Off So That I Can Return to my Old Smile?

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That depends?

If you had porcelain veneers, then your teeth were probably prepared or shaped, drilling off some of your teeth, so that the porcelain that went over the top did not make your tooth appear "too think" and unnatural.  However, if you had a "no prep" porcelain veneer, which is done less than 1% of the time, then the veneer could be removed and tooth underneath should look almost the same.  If you had composite plastic veneers, usually less preparation is done as well, and those might be able to removed to get you back to the way you were.

Saying all that, I think it is unwise to do this.  You will most likely be disappointed even more by the way they look with the veneer or bonding removed.  Your teeth, unprotected with a cover of porcelain or plastic, would more than likely be more sensitive and prone to cavities.

My suggestion is to forget the thought about trying to go back to just the way you were before, but find a cosmetic dentist who can and will make you porcelain veneers that you will not only like, but truly love!  Just because you had a bad experience with one dentist and the way he did them does not mean you won't have a fantastic experience with an exceptional cosmetic dentist, one who has years of experience in the area of cosmetic dentistry and relates and communicates well with you.

At the web link below you will see examples of patients who were not at all pleased with their original veneers, but after retreating them were very happy.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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