Can Prolene Subcuticular Sutures Be Removed After 14 Post Explantation?

June 11 had explantation. Doc can see me on June 25, but then will be unavailable for some time. Can she remove subcuticular prolene sutures at 2 weeks? The sutures are under the breast.

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Sutures under the breast

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Thank you for the question. This question should be addressed with your plastic surgeon. Each surgeon has his/her technique of wound closure. Generally speaking, two weeks is adequate for removal of the prolene suture.

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Removal of sutures after surgery

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Removal of subcuticular sutures can be performed early or late, depending on the surgeon's preference.  If you feel very uncomfortable with waiting, ask another physician to remove them, if necessary. 

Suture Removal after Breast Implant Removal?

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More than likely your sutras can be removed 2 weeks after surgery;  only your plastic surgeon will know for sure given that she knows your situation best.

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Suture Removal after Breast Surgery

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Sutures can safely be removed at two weeks following breast surgery and that includes permanent sutures such as Prolene. It is always best to ask your surgeon for the optimal timing for your particular surgery.

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