Preventing Fluid Retention After Liposuction

I am going to have abdominal liposuction and was wondering what the best way is to get excess fluid out of the body after the procedure? Is it just drink a ton of water and wear the compression garmet? I am worried about swelling in my face and other body parts when I don't want anyone to know what I have been doing. :)

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Swelling after liposuction

The majority of fluids that have been administered have drained and / or been metabolized within two days after liposuction. There is, however, an inflammatory period after any surgery, liposuction included, that produces swelling.  A compression garment would be recommended for the abdomen, but to decrease swelling of the face, you should sleep with your head elevated on at least two pillows, minimize your salt intake, abstain from alcohol consumption, don't exercise for several days after liposuction, and ask your surgeon about taking Arnica, an herb, which may lessen the swelling.

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Swelling after liposuction

During liposuction, tumescent fluid needs to be injected under the skin.  Most of this fluid is removed during the liposuction procedure, but some is absorbed by the body.  Additionally, after the liposuction procedure, there is a period of time when the tissues become swollen while they are healing.  After surgery, the best thing to do is to wear your liposuction garment that put compression over the areas treated, have a low sodium diet and avoid spicy foods and alcohol which can all increase swelling.  There is no way to prevent swelling all together, but these methods may help minimize any extra swelling.


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Preventing Fluid Retention after liposuction

You are right. Wearing your compression garment, drinking plenty of water, avoiding alcohol are all things which will help to reduce swelling.  Elevating your legs helps to prevent swelling.  Arnica and Bromelain are 2 herbal supplements which help to prevent swelling and bruising.  These are sold in some physician offices or available at your health food store or on-line.

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Most swelling is gone within a day or two after liposuction.

Most swelling is gone within a day or two after liposuction. Some leaks out and some is absorbed and excreted in the urine and sweat. As long as a person has normal heart and kidney function, this is usually a non-issue as long as he/she follows the post operative instructions and wears a compression garment..


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