Can You Pre Mix Retin a and Cream/lotion and Store It in a Bottle?

I have sensative skin (mild rosacea, prone to hives & contact dermatitis). i want to use retin a .25% but it seems to really irritate my skin. I want to start slow and make my own retinol cream/lotion because I can use a lotion my skin is not allergic to like cevera. Can I mix up a batch and store it in a bottle or will pre mixing it degrade the active ingredient of the retin a rendering it ineffective? Also would you reccomend I use cream or lotion?

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Mixing Retin-A and cream

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A Retin-A .25% is a pretty high percentage. There are much lower, easily tolerated Retin-A strengths on the market that you should try. NO, you should not premix Retin-A and cream or moisturizer though. This can change how it functions and it's not a good idea to alter it. You can use a cream or a lotion, though if you find Retin-A makes you excessively dry, a cream will be thicker.

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