Is Retin-A ( 0.005%) Good for Dry and Sensitive Skin?

I am 31 years old female, caucasian, clear skin complexion. My Family Doctor recommends Retin-A to most of her female patients ( if inquired ) as a general anti-aging skin care product BUT my aesthetician who I go to for occasional facials and mesotherapy is completely against Retin-A unless someone has severe acne. She said that if I plan on having more kids in the future - I should't even think about Retin-A. Who to believe ?

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Retin A /Tretinoin for antiaging

I agree with your dermatologist that Retin A ( tretinoin) is probably the most effective topical antiaging product on the market, if it is tolerated.

If your skin is dry and sensitive, some modifications may be needed such as every other day application followed by a moisturizer. Or, if that is not tolerated, switch to the Tretinoin .025% or the Renova .02% which is mixed in a moisturizing base. 

The esthetician is incorrect in several areas: Retin A is safe for women in the child bearing years. She may be confusing it with the oral retinoid, Accutane or Isotretinoin. The latter medication requires precautions such as 2 forms of birth control to prevent pregnancy while you are on it. Due to pregnancy concerns with the oral medication, doctors recommend discontinue Retin A while your are pregnant. It does not stay in your system so you can stop it when you decide to try to get pregnant

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