Maintenance Dose of Retin A After 6 Months?

I have used retin a every day for the past 6 months, then times a week for another 2..can i go down to one time a week and maintain my results or even continue to improve? I notice I still peel at that rate.

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Maintenance Dose or Frequency of Tretinoin

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Yes, after being on tretinoin (ex. Retin A) after several months, most patients can reduce the frequency and still maintain cosmetic results. If you still notice that you peel a bit at once a week, then you can more likely continue weekly treatments to maintain your results. Reducing the concentration of tretinoin is an alternative to reducing the frequency. For example, one may start with 0.05% then switch to 0.025%. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can your dermatologist or plastic surgeon help determine appropriate options. Best of luck.

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