I Have Problems with Front 2 Veneers Coming off or Loose. Can I Replace Them with Crowns for a Stronger Bite and Stronger Teeth?

I got veneers on my top 6 teeth and i HATE them. The front 2 always feel loose and i feel them pop back and forth, also they have come off before. The other ones are stong it seems but im scared to eat anything i have to bite into. I grind my teeth at night which wasnt established before i got them. Im tired of wondering if my veneer will fall off cause its happened and its embarrassing. If i get crowns on the front 2 will that fix my problem? I want the strenth to be able to bite an apple again

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Are crowns stronger than veneers

I can feel the frustration in your question, and want you to know that you are not alone. Not only are you frustrated with loose veneers, but so is your dentist.  As you have experienced, veneers require proper equilibration of your occlusion ( balanced bite) and adequate tooth structure to retain them. In your case, it may be a question of one or the other, or both. My suggestion would be 1) to have your occlusion looked at and adjusted if necessary to avoid hitting those veneers harder than the others,  2) have a nightguard made to prevent you from clenching and or grinding at night, then have the loose veneers rebonded. If all else fails, perhaps there was inadequate tooth structure to retain them and then, crowns for those 2 teeth would be indicated. But again, the bite would definitely require adjustments so as not to chip and wear the opposing teeth. 

Loose Veneers-Why? and options

As most of the other doctors have indicated,  Your problems are either fully or partially related to your bite and in some movement your teeth are hitting to hard and popping off the veneers.  You are lucky none have broken which is common with a heavy bite on porcelain.  You should have the bite checked.  It is possible that they made your veneers longer for cosmetic reasons and they may be hitting now due to that reason.  Crowns are stronger, but if it is the bite, it will still cause problems.  Go in and get an opinion from a dentist or two and see if they agree on the problem and the solution.  Good luck!

Scott LeSueur, DDS
Mesa Dentist
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Veneers Coming Loose

While I agree with the statements below ie. 1) most likely a problem with your bite 2) either regular night guard appliance wear or neuromuscular bite assessment needed to be done, it is possible that there just isn't enough tooth structure left, or the preparation design of the teeth do not offer enough retention to support the veneers.  This is difficult to say unless we are able to see your teeth with the veneers off.  If crowns would offer extra retention that you are missing, then it may indeed work.  However, if you are grinding your teeth at night, I would still follow this up with the night guard appliance to prevent any chipping of the porcelain during grinding. 

Gordon Chee, DDS
Calgary Dentist

Veneers should be strong and last a long time

When I hear about problems with veneers coming off or getting loose I wonder what might be causing that to happen.  It is not the way it should be.  Since your other veneers are staying in place, I don't believe the problem is in the way they are bonded to your teeth.  The most common cause of this happening is related to the amount of stress or destructive force being put on those teeth.  This is caused either by the way you chew or bite, or by some habit such as clenching or grinding your teeth.  You say that you grind your teeth at night.  Grinding can damage porcelain crowns as well as veneers. 

You have 2 main choices.  1)  Repair the veneers and wear a protective night guard at night. or 2)  Have your "bite" evaluated by a dentist who practices with a neuromuscular approach and have this reconstructed to change the stress and alleviate the damaging forces that are being placed on your front teeth. 

Martin Frankel, DDS
Toronto Dentist
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Solving Problem of 2 Front Veneers Coming Off

I'm sorry you're having problems with your veneers. 

Sounds to me like you have a problem with your occlusion (the way your top and bottom teeth meet each other and slide over one another).

Have your dentist check and balance your occlusion in all excursions before changing or rebonding anything. Unless the occlusion issue is dealt with, you will continue to have problems, whether they are veneers or crowns.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Front Two Veneers Coming off or Loose. Can I Replace Them with Crowns?

Porcelain veneers can be a very reliable experience. I am concerned when I hear that your veneers seem loose or that they are popping back and forth.

When veneers are done precisely, they ought to feel good and that you ought to be able to look at them and feel really happy that you did them.

I suspect that your bite is not as precise as it ought to be-that's why they are popping back and forth. 

Also- most people who have veneers ought to have a night guard for added protection from grinding or clenching. Getting one of these quickly will also make your teeth feel more secure and help tighten them up.

Once your bite is "refined" and you have your guard, I think things will feel a lot better. There is no reason why you won't be able to eat most foods without thinking about your veneers. 

Once they feel better, them you will really enjoy your new smile!

I have problems with porcelain veneers popping off

When porcelain veneers are bonded correctly, it is practically impossible for them to dislodge.  I have placed over 20,000 porcelain veneers and it is a very technique sensitive procedure.  Barriers to prevent moisture must be in place and proper control of the gum tissue to prevent bleeding should be implemented.  We follow strict guidelines and protocol when placing porcelain veneers.  I have had to remove some of my own in the past, ands thats why I know when done properly they will never come off.  Good luck.  Dr. David Frey 

David S. Frey, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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