What's the best way to deal with a needle phobia but when wanting a FUE Hair Transplant? Can the doctors accommodate it?

I am looking to get a hair transplant. Im 22 years old and have a pretty bad needle phobia in the sense I pass out. Is there any doctors that accommodate this through oral sedation or other methods? I would love recommendations as I'm on a rather tight budget but eager to undergo the procedure! (UK or abroad) Thanks!

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Needle Phobia

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Some doctors use twilight sedation (or will if you ask them), which means you probably be awake and responsive, but you'd also probably not care about any needles either. You should talk to your doctor about your phobia and they'll do their best to accommodate you.

On another note most doctors probably wouldn't recommend a hair transplant at 22 except in special circumstances, since at that age you won't know what kind of balding pattern you'll have later on so a transplant done now may look pretty bad in 5 or 10 years if you keep losing hair.

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If you are afraid of needles, then talk with your doctor about this. Most doctors will accommodate

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If you are afraid of needles, then talk with your doctor about this.  Most doctors will accommodate to your issues and help you through the surgical process.

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Needle phobia

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yes, we are able to accomodate patients with needle phobia through various methods. However, before you undergo any procedure, be sure that you have had a consultation with a hair restoration expert who has discussed with you short term and long term goals, and that you have been properly examined and have reasonable expectations set. 

Rae Lynne Kinler, MD
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Needle phobia.

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Doing a hair transplant on a patient as young as 22 is cautioned.  Be sure you choose a physician that is committed to keeping and managing your hair and stopping hair loss as they are to restoring lost hair.  With that said, you will typically receive a sedative to help you relax and overcome any needle phobia.

Needle phobia

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First of all I rarely recommend a hair transplant on a 22 year old because your pattern has not declared itself yet, so you would be buying into something that is unknown. Needle phobias are easy to deal with as we can sedate you enough to make you unaware of needles

William Rassman, MD
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