I have round face with double chin. What is best for me - Kybella or Botox for jawline slimming? Very confused! (Photo)

I have round face and recently developed double chin,which is making my face looks so big and fat,though my body is in perfect shape.I can see there is submental fat accumulation which is very visible.Now I am considering to get a procedure done,but I am confused between kybella or Botox .I want to find out what is best for me and how many units or vial do I need?

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Kybella is going to be the right choice for the pocket of fat under your chin. Price is going to depend on the amount of fat which determines how many vials you will need. It also takes between 2 and 4 treatments however, the results are permanent. 


Kouros Azar

Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon
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Botox and Kybella

Kybella would address the double chin in the submental region. Botox would help with the Masseter muscle in the cheek region to help slim and narrow the face.Typically I recommend about 15 units in each masseter and I would use two vials of Kybella to the submental region. 

Michael T. Somenek, MD
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Kybell Botox Injections

Kybella is useful for treatment of the double chin.
Patients with enlarged mastoid muscles may benefit from Botox injections to flatten the angles of the jaw.
Please use this information when consulting in person with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Luis A. Cenedese, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Kybella v. Botox Cosmetic

Thank you for your question about Kybella.

Kybella is effective for reducing submental fullness, aka double chin.  Botox will not help that particular problem.

To be sure what is best for you, see two or more experienced, licensed and board-certified providers in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have treatment.

I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Kybella or Botox

Thanks for your question and photo.  It would be very important to see some additional photos of your face and neck, especially from a profile view.  It is possible that someone would be a candidate for both Kybella to decrease the amount of fat beneath their chin, and Botox to decrease the prominence of the masseter muscle and narrow the jaw.  Botox is not used to reduce a "double chin".  Best advice would be to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon in your area who is trained to inject Kybella to see if you are a good candidate.  Good luck!

Josh Waltzman, MD, MBA
Long Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Submental Fullness

Thank you for your question. Kybella and the CoolMini treatment are designed to reduce submental fullness also known as the double chin. That appears to be your main area of concern. I would recommend an in person consultation to determine your candidacy.

Dr. Daniel Ritacca

Daniel J. Ritacca, MD
Chicago Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Help for a Round Face

Thank you for your question. Based on your photo, it looks as though you have some submental (under the chin) fullness. You would be an excellent candidate for Kybella - although, an in-person examination is always best. You would likely need 3-4 treatments to see full results, which can be spaced anywhere from 1 month to 6 weeks apart. The treatment is fairly painless, and aside from some swelling at the injection site, has fairly few side effects. Botox is more to relax the muscles under the neck - which helps with banding, and would not be useful in your case. Best of luck!

Anthony J. Taglienti, MD
Smithtown Plastic Surgeon
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Double Chin and Best Treatment Kybella or Cool-mini NYC

From your photo it appears that your main area of complaint is the fat under the chin.  I would recommend either Kybella or the Cool-mini.  Both treatments would work well for you.  Botox would not really address the fat under the chin.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Kybella not Botox for double chin

Kybella is an injectable for dissolving fat, approved for the double chin area. Botox is a wrinkle relaxer, mostly used in the upper face.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Double chin

Hi jiv111,

It's sounds as though your major concern is the recent development of a double chin. From this picture it looks like the majority of the issue relates to what we call pre platysmal fat.  It's impossible to give any direct medical advice without knowing your history and performing an exam of the area, but since I introduced Kybella to Oregon in June of 2015, after FDA approval, we have seen many patients get rid of or significantly reduce their double chin without surgery.

Botox can be used for many things on the face but is not helpful for reducing fat under your chin.  It can be used along the jaw line to help give you a more "heart shaped" face and reduce some of the rounding.

Regarding dosing, it is impossible to predict that without seeing you but in general you would likely need 2 or 3 vials of Kybella for the double chin and this may need to be repeated one or two times.

Botox to the jawline is generally about 15 units per side to start and then the dose can be tailored later to your needs.

I hope this helps reduce some of the confusion you are having about the two treatment options.  Best wishes.

Roger A. Dailey, MD, FACS
Portland Oculoplastic Surgeon
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