I broke my tooth about 10 years ago and it looks horrible. What would be my treatment plan. (photos)

I'm scared to go to a dentist. The broken tooth is still in my gum. It smells bad. It hurts all the time but over time it has felt better. The gum looks black and brown. Looks like it has spread to other back teeth near the gum line. I hate dentist but I am at a point that I need advice on what is going on and how to treat it. I'm scared that I need multiple extracts and losing part of my gums or even my jaw.

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Broken tooth treatment plan

I understand your concerns and I urge you to see an oral surgeon if you do not have a general dentist.  The remains of this tooth, and any infection needs to be removed.  If you are really anxious about this, IV sedation is a good solution.  Without an xray and proper clinical evaluation a treatment plan can not be made; however the most likely solution after extraction would be bone graft (to allow for future implant), dental implant and crown.

Steven M. Goldy, DDS

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Broken Tooth in Gum after 10 Years

Hi from Portland, Oregon!  Thanks for using this site!  First of all,  you are not going to lose your jaw!  You have a tooth that needs to be removed along with the roots. You can replace the tooth with a small bridge  that will connect the teeth.  The biggest problem is not your tooth, but you have to confront your fear of seeing the dentist.  Many people have this fear and there are many ways of overcoming this. We use a medication called Halcion. It is a pill that is taken an hour before your dental procedure and you are awake but really do not care what they do!  You will need someone to drive you home. The medication does not put you to sleep but takes the fear away.  We use if for people that have problems with taking X rays and have a gag reflex problem. Some patients need the medication just to walk into a dental office. I would suggest you see a dentist and tell him about your fear and how long you have waited to get help!  Please do yourself a favor and go see a dentist and ask for a complimentary consultation .  If they do not  use Halcion or some form of oral medication for fear and anxiety, find one that does.  You will be able to have a healthy mouth and no more worry about fear of the dentist!  Hope this helps you sir and good luck!

Vachik Danoukh, DMD
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Fear of the dentist

Thanks for posting the pictures. Your tooth looks as if it is barely hanging on to the gums. I expect these roots can easily be removed. I suspect you may have other dental problems, losing your whole lower jaw will not be one of them. A complete exam and X-rays should be able to give the dentist information needed to diagnose your problems. The dentist may be able to give you sedation to make your treatment easier for you..

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