I broke the front side of my tooth off. (photo)

Do I need a root canal? It doesn't hurt no sensitivity at all, can't I just cap it?

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Front Side of Tooth Broke off...what should I do?

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Hi from Illinois !  Am sorry to hear that the front side of your tooth broke off. The good thing is, you do not seem to have pain or sensitivity which means that the nerve is not exposed. I would recommend not letting this go on long without having a consultation with a dentist soon.   Call a dentist in your area and ask them for a complimentary consultation regarding a tooth that has broken off and you want it repaired. You need to get two opinions always. The fact that you do not have pain now is a good sign and it could be repaired by a crown or a bond, depending on how much of the tooth is left. Since there is no pain and no sensitivity, .the tooth may not need a root canal.. I would not wait until there is pain, but get it treated right away, You may have to pay for an x ray but your consultation should be complimentary,  Hope this helps and do not wait until there is pain because it maybe more expensive in the long run!

Van Nuys Dentist

Broken tooth

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With a broken tooth there may be some nerve damage, decay, or infection that you are not yet aware of. Understandably there is no pain at this current moment, after continuous eating you may cause irritation to the area that can grow extremely sensitive. So, though there is no current pain or sensitivity, I would advise going to your dentist as soon as possible.

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