Front teeth decay. Is there any way to fix my teeth before they become worse? (Photo)

I am getting braces soon, however the problem is my front teeth are decaying. My right front tooth is crooked. Is there any way to fix my teeth before they become worse?

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Cavities before orthodontics

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Of course there is a way to fix your front tooth before you get the braces on, and that is absolutely what you should do!   All decay/cavities needs to be taken care of before orthodontics is started.  Please see your general dentist (if you don't have one ask your orthodontist for a referral) to have this done BEFORE BRACES!

Steven M. Goldy, DDS

Beverly Hills Dentist

Fix my front teeth before braces

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If you are going to get braces, you really need to get an exam to check for cavities and get them fixed before you get braces. Your front teeth can be fixed with tooth colored fillings. Prevention is the best cure for tooth problems and when you get braces you want to make sure you keep your teeth very clean. This means having them professionally cleaned 2-3 times per year. You can use a special toothbrush called a Rotadent. Bring it with you for your dental cleaning so your hygienist can give you tips on using it. It is very effective if used properly.

Also lastly watch your diet of soft drinks, sports drinks. These beverages have sugar and acid that can damage your teeth during the braces. I think your treatment can be successful with effort from you and your dentist. 

Hope this helps!  :)

Take care of your decay before braces

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You should always take care of your decay ASAP and prevent it from getting worst.  The longer you wait, the worst it will become.  That will translate to more money, pain, and larger restoration.  I would definitely suggest that you take care of it before getting braces. 

Jean-Paul Banh, DDS
Federal Way Dentist


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Absolutely! Your cavities can be fixed by removing the decay and restoring the teeth with tooth colored fillings. The important thing to remember is especially with braces, you'll need to really take care of your teeth every day. It might even be necessary for you to use a toothpaste with a higher amount of fluoride to prevent further cavities.

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