Will plucked-out hairs from eyebrow transplant grow back?

I had an eyebrow transplant about 7 months ago. Some grafts seemed misplaced, so I plucked them out with a tweezer. But now I realize I plucked too much of the transplanted hairs. What I wonder is if they still will grow back. It seemed like the root was bulbous and dark. Was this the follicle? Have I ruined my grafts now?

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If you intentionally pluck out transplanted grafts, it may never grow back. If you have issues with the growth, see your doctor

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If you intentionally pluck out transplanted grafts, it may never grow back. If has been several months, it may grow back.  It would be like plucking normal hair.  If you have issues with the growth, see your doctor.  

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Hair Plucked-Out

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A dark bulbous root is most likely the hair and not the follicle itself.  Give it a full year to evaluate your results and then I would speak with your physician about options.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
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Plucking Transplanted Eyebrows

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After 7 months, it's likely that the eyebrows that you plucked will grow back. Unfortunately, the only definitive way to know is by waiting. If you don't see any new growth after several weeks, contact the doctor who performed your hair transplant. He or she will be able to provide you with guidance through the necessary next steps. Best wishes.

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Its hard to say

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if the hairs will grow back.  At 7 months not all of the hairs that were transplanted have began to grow.  Also keep in mind that transplanted hairs can grow in a little oddly at first.  They will usually thicken and straighten after a few months. So don't start plucking them too soon.

Adam Saad, MD
Atlantic City Plastic Surgeon

Eyebrow plucking post transplant

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Whether or not a 'plucked' hair grows back after a hair transplant depends on the precise timing that it was plucked out and where on the body is was plucked from. In general, an eyebrow hair that is plucked out more than 4 weeks after the procedure has an approximately 80-90% chance of coming back. If plucked out before that time, it's difficult to know if it will or not. Be sure to check with your hair transplant surgeon for definitive guidance.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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