How much does it cost to remove the fat from the stomach to the butt area?

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Cost of Buttock Augmentation?

The total cost for a buttock augmentation through my company is approximately $6300. This includes the physician fee to perform liposuction to the abdomen and remove a significant amount of belly fat. This fat is then injected into the buttocks of the patient to provide a full and voluptuous figure to her buttocks. This fee also includes the cost of anesthesia and the surgical center fee. All of the physician fees, which are approximately $4000, may be paid for through our office using CareCredit (if patients choose to do so). This makes the procedure even more affordable as patients can then pay off this $4000 with monthly payments. The anesthesia and surgical fees may then be paid with cash or other forms of major credit cards.

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Cost to transfer abdomen to buttocks

Cost to transfer fat to the buttocks is determined by the amount of fat that needs to be transferred. This is not a trivial statement. As the liposuction to remove the fat is what takes the longest. For example, we perform BBL's regularly and may transfer as little as 200cc per cheek upto 1 L per cheek. These volumes require removal of 1 L to 5 L of fat using liposuction, which means 1 hour to 4 hours of surgery. BBL thus can range from 6K to 12K based on above volumes.

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Fat transfer to the buttocks

Pricing will vary region to region and doctor to doctor. At my practice I charge around $7,000 if liposuction is performed in just one area. In many cases, I have to remove fat from additional areas to obtain the volume needed for the transfer to the buttocks. For multiple areas of liposuction the cost goes up to $8,500. 

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Procedure cost

The best way to determine cost, is to call the surgeons in your area.  The specific cost is dependent on the procedure you need and also determined by the area you live in, as well as the doctor. 

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Fat Transfer....


The quotes varies depending on the complexity of the procedure like the amount of fat to transfer.

To provide you a professional advice you need to send your pictures.

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