I Am Planning to Do the Cosmelan on a Tuesday Will Be Able to Return to Work on Saturday?

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When can I go back to work after Cosmelan

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When you apply the Cosmelan Part 1 mask it stays on for about 8 hours and is a yellowish-brown color, so there is no way you want to go out and about with it on. The next 24-48 hours after you will be red and even peely. Most of my patients do Cosmelan on a Thursday or Friday and return to work on Monday, with make-up on. This would be the same timesframe you have planned. So as long as you are good to put on make-up over any redness, your timeframe seems just fine.

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How Long for Cosmelan Peel Rcovery?

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Hi SB.  We usually found that it was about 3-4 days of recovery for the Cosmelan Peel so it will be close.

On another note, the reason we stopped doing the Cosmlean peel was that it was more expensive and less effective than another high strength program we now use (private label 8% Hydroquinone).  The company got in trouble with the FDA for importing a pharmaceutical and had to change the formulation.

The Retin A effect of Cosmelan is really nice for some patients, but we usually had to charge over $600 for the program because the product cost is over $300.  We can easily do better than that on our new program ($325 for three months) and the results are superior.  And the alternative has no downtime.

To review the before and after photos from our program, you can review the link below.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Cosmelan and Length of Down-Time

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Most of my patients have finished peeling from the Cosmelan mask after 3 or 4 days.  Cosmelan is an amazing product that seems the best results for melasma that I have been in years.  I have many patients who have done peels and hydroquinones and prefer Cosmelan because it is so quick and simple.  Please find an experienced physician to have the best cosmetic results.

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