Is Cosmelan Completely Safe? Can Melasma Get Worse After Treatment? Are There Adverse Reactions (Hyperpigmentation)?

33 female. Acne and melasma. TIA, I´m quite desperate.

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The Solution to Careful Melasma Treatments

Melasma is a common disorder that is often difficult to treat. It isn't unusual for a patient to become frustrated after trying a variety of treatments in an attempt to obtain satisfactory results. Like most other complicated skin conditions, a combination of treatments paired with the proper skin regimen works best! Topical de-pigmenting agents such as hydroquinone or other melanin inhibitors along with a topical tretinoic acid to increase skin cell turnover, hastens the fading of uneven patches. This commitment along with specific medical-grade chemical peels, appropriate laser treatments and diligent protection , can enhance the likelihood of reducing or resolving melasma !

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Is Cosmelan safe?

I have not had any patients whose melasma got worse after using Cosmelan, assuming they follow directions and use the system properly. I have had a few patients with tremendously stubborn melasma who we had to do the series on more than once, or once and then again a few years later. The key with maintenance though is to make certain that you wear a good sunscreen every day!

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