How long does swelling last after PRP treatment? (Photo)

i recently got the plasma facial the dr who perform it took took a sample of blood put it in the machine and once it was done spinning he got the healthy plasma and injected my cheeks forehead and on the edges of my top lip he didnt use any thing else but the plasma no numbing medicine etc but now i look so deform I m so scare of staying like this does this look normal for my second day po like i said only my plasma was use in this procedure

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Facial PRP, swelling; ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS nj

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In my opinion, swelling after facial procedures is to be expected. With procedures such as a injections into the face, there will be some edema. When one uses  p r p  injections into the face, this swelling usually lasts between two and four days. Keep your head elevated and avoid alcohol and salt. Hope this helps.

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Facial swelling after PRP

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PRP causes a lot of inflammation.  That's partly how it works.  For now I would use ice packs.  However, you should make a call to your doctor to see what he thinks.  If you have any pain I would start to worry about an infection and you need to get on top of that quickly.

Gregory Pistone, MD
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