Will PRP recover hair on my temples and hair line area? (photos)

I have lost plenty of hair on my temples and hair line area. I am undergoing a PRP therapy that involves 10 sessions, one week apart. I have undergone 3 sessions so far. Will PRP help me to regain my lost hair at temples and hair line. I am attaching my pictures of the area in question. Most of my hair loss took place in last one year. I am using using minoxidil (5%) for last 2 and a half year. Thank you , looking forward to the answers.

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PRP for lost hair

PRP will not regrow hair that has been lost. PRP with thicken your hair that is thinning. It maximizes the growth for hair to stop shedding. I would ask the doctor you are receiving the treatment through if you have concerns though.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Surgeon
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In my opinion, if you have lost hair for more than three years, the re-establishment of your old hairline will be difficult. Find a p r p expert. Ask questions. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Jeffrey Rapaport, MD
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