How to heal a groin incision infection?

Had a medial thigh lift 2 weeks ago and am battling an infection in my groin incisions. I'm on antibiotics, rinsing every time I pee, then wash area with antibacterial soap, rinse, pat dry and blow dry. Doc suggested polysporin powder but appears to be unavailable anywhere. I'd love additional impute on how to handle this infection and/or tips to heal rapidly. I am in FL now, but return to AZ in about 10 days. Hope to have this resolved prior to leaving. Any suggestions? Any powder available?

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How to heal a groin infection incision

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I appreciate your question since groin incisions after thigh lift can be troublesome and sometimes take longer to heal.I'm glad to see that you are adhering to a strict hygiene regimen. Rest assured that the incisions will heal with time.Polysporin powder is an excellent choice,especially if you can keep the area as dry as possible.

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Groin Crease Incision Infections

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It's not unusual for patients to develop infections along their groin incisions following thigh lift surgery. This occurs for a variety of reasons including high bacterial colonization rates in the groin crease.

When infections occur in this area, treatments involve local wound care, antibiotics and careful attention to hygiene. When these steps are taken, the vast majority of infections resolve without difficulty. In the interim, it's important to maintain close contact with your plastic surgeon.

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