I have a 3 unit bridge on my lower right molars since 6 years and now it's loose. What can I do?

Initially it was just loose Bucally ,now it's loose lingually as well. I can hold the bridge now with my finger and move it about 1/2 mm I think . And I feel that the abutment teeth are slightly abraded too. What do you think I should do?

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3 unit bridge

Hi there, I think you should evaluate your existing natural teeth for individual crowns and also evaluate the pontic area (the place where the middle tooth is missing) for a dental implant. I would recommend you see a periodontist for an evaluation.

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Loose bridge

You should really get to your dentist ASAP. Your bridge may just be loose but the longer you wait the greater the chance for decay under the abutment. There are ways to remove bridges in one piece but they don't work in every situation. You should be prepared for the possibility that you may need a new bridge at a minimum.

Loose bridge

Dental bridges can last for decades, but eventually they need repairing or replacing. A dental bridge is a fixed appliance that is placed in the mouth when one or more teeth are missing. Usually, the pontic (or false) teeth are anchored to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap, which are called the abutment teeth. You might need dental bridge repair because your bridge has broken.Treatment to repair a dental bridge depends on the cause of the failure. If the issue is with an abutment tooth, the dentist must remove the bridge. Fixed bridges are typically cemented to the abutment teeth, so this often requires breaking the original bridge. Once the supporting teeth have been treated, and if they're still healthy, a replacement bridge can be made. If the dentist can't restore the abutment teeth, they can be replaced with implants that support a new bridge. If the porcelain coating on the bridge is chipped or fractured, but the bridge is otherwise sound, it may be possible for the dentist to repair the coating. Dentists can sometimes repair a fractured pontic as well.
Good luck!

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