I have an old bridge that has chipped.My gums have receded with bone loss. Should I get a bridge or implants? (photo)

I'm 56yrs old w/ Osteopenia. Old bridge 15+ yrs Will a bridged or implants cease the bone loss & gum recession ? Currently the chipped bridge does not sit on my gum & big gap. In addition my gum is collapsed inward. Will the bridge look funny bc my gum is super receded?

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Bridge vs Implant

Replacing missing teeth has great options today. Your old bridge is at the end of its lifetime and both options should be considered. Your gum recession needs to be evaluated and things like the length of the roots, quality of the bone for an implant, cosmetic wishes, your bite needs evaluation and financial options presented. There is so much that needs to be evaluated to give you great treatment options. you will need a 3D X-ray to look at the bone for an implant. In our practice, we evaluate your options and let you discuss options with the periodontist and restorative dentist at the same visit. Some dentists will send you to the implant surgeon for the implant opinion. Good luck with your new smile!

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Bridge implant

Dear Katy:

It is very difficult to recommend any treatment based on a photo.  The only way a proper treatment plan is designed is when you speak to your dentist, define your priorities and they look at finances.If you are looking for an expert opinion, talk to a Prosthodontist, who is the expert in restorative, cosmetic, and implant dentistry.

If your teeth are already compromised and were carrying a bridge for 15 years, then separating them and using an implant to replace the missing tooth, contingent of bone availability, is a far better option.

Best of luck,

Zev Kaufman, DDS
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Existing Dental Bridge vs Dental Implants

Dental bridge would be a good choice if you are already used to to your existing bridge, the anchor teeth are healthy, which only needs cosmetic replacement.Dental implant is surgery, needs time for healing and longer time for complete restoration.To answer which would I choose? need further evaluation, such as xrays to evaluate the foundation of your teeth, the bone level, the integrity of the root, evaluation of your bite, and so much more.....If your anchor teeth holding the bridge is healthy, and there is only chips on the porcelain, I will advise you to see the best dentist around to replace the existing bridge. You must go for a complete evaluation, regardless.

Best of luck to you.

Anthony Mobasser, DDS, DMD
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