I got two bridges in the front on my mouth for a missing tooth on each side, did i make a mistake? is there anything i can do?

I got two bridges in the front on my mouth for a missing tooth on each side, did i make a mistake? is there any way i can fix this? im only 25 years old and i just hope i made the right decision. I feel like i made a huge mistake that i cant fix. is there anything i can do?

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Bridges or Implants

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I prefer to use dental implants over bridges when possible.  That being said,  bridges are fine restorations and If you already have had two placed I would leave them.  It would be a considerable time and expense to change to implants at this point, if it was even a possibility. 

Other options

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Traditional practices always prefer bridges, but today modern practices prefer implants. There are many factors to consider, you need the space to put an implant, if you do not have it then you would need braces first, we have to consider your type of bone, how much bone you have to support the implant, and if there is any risk factor such as if you are a smoker, that might make the implant fail. For some of theses reason you dentist might have opted for a bridge. If you have the conditions, implantes are a much better option for your age, it is the most close to a natural tooth and prevents from having to drill the teeth on the side of the missing teeth to be able to hold the bridge. 
Dr. Galvá

Javier Galvá, DDS, MSc
Dominican Republic Dentist

Bridges vs implants

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You didn't mention if you considered implants before you chose to have bridges done. Implants would have been a more ideal choice for someone your age. It is possible that due to the position of your teeth you didn't have the space for implants. If there is enough room and bone to place implants you can remove the bridges and have implants placed. You will end up with 6 individual crowns. Eventually you will need to replace your bridges, at that point I suggest you consider your options more thoroughly. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Implants possibly

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Did the dentist grind down teeth on each side of the spaces to do your bridges? Did you have more conservative Maryland type Bridges performed? If you had conventional bridges where your teeth were ground down, then that is not reversible, and you do not have any other options. If they did Maryland Bridges, you could have those removed and possibly have implants placed where the missing teeth are since no enamel of significance would have been ground away. Do you have pictures you could send and x-rays for me to review to give you a more accurate answer?
Douglas Jopling,  DDS Dallas,  Texas area

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