Under-eye filler gone bad - Puffy eyes? (Photos)

I've had under eye filler and i assume it was placed too high right under my eye and was overfilled. We've gone twice to dissolve it but took very minimal improvement. 3rd time same doctor advised to aspirate which had my under eye all bruised up again. I dont know what else to do and im left with a puffy eyes and i am not able to do work for photoshoots and event guesting due to this.

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Under eye swelling

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my first question would be what filler was used and then how long you've waited since the injection and each subsequent treatment. The fullness can be due to post treatment swelling if it has only been a short while since the treatment of any followup intervention,  it can also be inadvertent injection into the incorrect area under the eye. I would apply warm compresses and take advils for 2-3 weeks if there  is no contraindication to it first, Consult with a Facial plastic surgeon about a corticosteroid trial. If the swelling has not subsided at that point, your options are to wait (the swelling will likely go away on its with time), or possibly (last option) surgical correction.

New York Physician

Fillers under eyes

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Hi there, how long ago did you get the fillers and what fillers were used and how many ML? Depending on what fillers were used this should go away in 3 months to 2 years. This is a long time to wait. If an HA filler was used, then Hylenex or similar should dissolve it, but multiple treatments may be needed. 

Justin Harper, MD
Columbus Physician
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