Lip reduction healing. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I'm 2 weeks post op now I done my lip reduction 14 days ago my upper lip is healing okay but my lower lips is not doing okay I'm worried and scared I need advice from all the here is this normal?

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Lip Reduction Healing Scabs

The healing process you are seeing is normal. It is common to see this type of crusting on the lips as a part of the healing process. It is important to keep your lips moisturized and to drink a lot of water. Also keep in mind not to pick as the crusting and this will heal naturally. It would also be worthwhile speaking with your plastic surgeon about measures to speed up your recovery

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Lip reduction post op

you are seeing a lot of crusting as the area where the sutures were placed is the wet-dry lip junction.  It is very important to keep this area moist to ensure that the crusting softens and falls off naturally.  This will dramatically improve how quickly the crusting goes and how well the lip will heal.  The best way to do so would be to used a vaseline or petroleum based ointment.  Ask your PS for any recommendations as they may have personal preferences.  Don't worry, this is only temporary.  You will get through it and will have a good outcome.  Hope this helps. 

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