Fractional co2 intervals between session, how long?

I have completed 4 laser treatments with 4 weeks interval.. now, i got so busy and i might be get the 5th one 10 weeks later after my last one.. will that be ok?

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Depends on fractional density and skin type for CO2

The density of fractional laser resurfacing and your skin type will play an important part regarding intervals. For fair skin, I usually wait 4-10 weeks, for darker skin types, usually 6-12 weeks. The use of SPF and bleaching agents can also help reduce unwanted pigmentation between treatments. All the best, Dr Davin S. LimĀ 

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Fractional CO2 after 10 week delay

Yes. My policy is to wait at least 4 weeks between treatments. Having a 10 week interval will in no way compromise your results. Of course, you will want to be very precautions with sun exposure for several weeks after treatments. I hope this helps.

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