PRP Hair Loss Treatment Cost?

I live in Philadelphia, PA and would really like to have the prp hair loss injections done. $400.00 per treatment but, where? I don't mind traveling to NJ - DE - NY.

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For the indicated patient, PRP can decrease hair shedding, thicken hair and regrow hair. Our fees are based on the amount of PRP used. One vial is $400,  2 vials is $600. It depends upon the area needing treatment.Good luck. 

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PRP for Hair Loss

PRP is an excellent treatment for hair loss.  It is safe and effective as long as you are the right candidate for the procedure.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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PRP cost?


The cost of delivering PRP treatment is dependent on what type of machine is used. There are machines that are simple centrifuges employing only simple test tubes to process the whole blood. These are the cheapest way to deliver PRP. Then there is the Angel system, which has many advantages but it is the most expensive. It is a closed system, the blood is drawn from your arm with a sterile syringe, then transferred to a closed sealed system so it minimizes the chance of contamination. Then it also allows the processing of larger quantities of whole blood to maximize the volume of PRP derived. This permits the treatment of larger areas with the higher concentrate of PRP. In addition we like to use Acell in our PRP treatment which also increases cost.


Bernardino A. Arocha, MD

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