How long before and after a tummy tuck can recreational drug use be resumed?

I know it's be best to stop using drugs all together, however I occasionally use Molly and cocaine when I'm at concerts. I am also a smoker and my Dr. Told me I need to quit a minimum of 8 weeks prior to my surgery. Do I need to stop these types of drugs the same amount of time before my surgery? From what I have read 6 weeks post op I should be safe to return to use. I plan on telling my Dr about my drug use as well, I'm just curious right now before I make the decision to stop smoking!

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Recreational drug use

I agree. No physician will sanction drug use.  Each drug has a different half time, or time when the effects remain in the system. Some are cumulative. As for smoking cigarettes, this should be stopped at least eight weeks prior to surgery and not resumed at all or for a considerable time period afterwards.  Abdominoplasty involves a long scar nicotine can affect scar healing for months to come.

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Recreational drug use

 I doubt you are ever going to get any doctor to "allow" you to use recreational drugs.  At any point. Too much liability involved with that.

James E. Chappell, MD
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