Life after BBL. Is it common for one cheek to be slightly bigger than the other? (Photo)

I am 9.5 weeks post liposuction and BBL, is it common for on cheek to be slightly bigger than the other?

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BBL asymmetry

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Asymmetry is the most common complication after a Brazilian butt lift. If your surgeon was a board-certified plastic surgeon, who has done a ton of but lifts share with him, or her,  your concerns.

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Body asymmetry

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There is always some body asymmetry, and so one hip might be higher than the other.  Good luck.......

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Thank you for your question and photograph.I would consult with your surgeon for a physical examination if there are areas of your buttocks that you are concerned about. Generally, most of the swelling has resolved by 6-8 weeks and you should start to see your finally results by then. During the recovery period leading up to that your buttocks will continue to change slightly has the swelling resolves and one side/area may resolve quicker than the other giving the appearance of unevenness. If after 4-6 months, you are unhappy with your buttocks or there are areas of unevenness still present then I would consider a revision to graft more fat to the areas where the fat may have not survived. Best of luck in your recovery.
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