Is getting the cell saver with your plastic surgery procedure worth it!

I received an email from my coordinator at my surgery center offering me the option to get the cell saver for my BBL and chin lip procedure. She said many patients feel weak after surgery and this helps because you are receiving your blood back. Doctors, what is your opinion on the cell saver? Is it worth it? Does it speed up recovery time?

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Cell saver with lipo

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Cell saver is a procedure that is usually used in the hospital to limit blood loss during certain surgical procedures. It can be done in the outpatient setting but most plastic surgeons are not aware or familiar with it. Even though liposuction is a procedure not usually associated with significant blood loss, in certain situations this may not be the case. These include secondary liposuction procedures. Some patients bleed more than others even when adequate tumescent technique is employed. Others are borderline anemic from conditions like heavy menses. Some of the blood loss can also occur after the procedure, after the effect of the tumescent fluid has worn off. In the right patient, this is a very useful technique to recuperate some of the blood lost. This translates into the patient feeling better and recuperating faster.

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Cell saver for plastic surgery

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Blood loss during plastic surgery is generally minimal.  I see no reason for a cell saver as it is generally used in cases where excessive blood loss is expected.  You may want a second opinion if your surgeon feels a cell saver is warranted ...Good luck,Dr. Luong

Jacqueline Anne Luong, MD
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Cell Saver

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Unless you are also having a complex heart procedure or a liver transplant, I don't really see the need for Cell Saver.  It's very unusual to need to use this during an elective cosmetic surgery procedure.  Your blood loss should be minimal.  I would discuss this with your surgeon.

Dr. Dan Krochmal
MAE Plastic Surgery
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Daniel Krochmal, MD
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Cell Saver for BBL Surgery

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I have never heard of a cell saver being used in any elective plastic surgery procedure including liposuction. I am not even sure of how it could be used because the blood loss is mixed in with the fat extract and is separated out with the concentration of the fat for injection. That remaining fluid mixture contains some blood but it would not seem enough to process and be rejected back into the patient.

Is getting the cell saver with your plastic surgery procedure worth it!

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The need for a cell saver for an elective cosmetic surgery is unusual. I have not hear of a cell saver used in liposuction as the liposuction should have very little blood loss. May be better to discuss with your plastic surgeon.

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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