Is this normal after 2mls of Juvederm? I feel like my lips should be fuller! (Photo)

In May I got my 1st 1ml of Juvederm in my lips. 2 weeks later I got another 1ml. The photos show my lips after each appointment. After 2mls shouldn't my lips be drastically fuller? Obviously there is a difference, but I feel like it is very subtle (I'm after FULL, pouty lips). I have read that if the injector isn't great, results aren't as dramatic as they should be. Is it worth going to see someone else for my 3rd ml or is my progression standard?

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Juvederm for the lips

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Thank you for your question ashnordy. Juvederm is a filler used to enhance the face. The amount of filler used depends on the person and his/her desires. In our office patients return two weeks after their treatment to take after photographs after swelling has subsided and assess the results. At that time if more is desired more can be added. The ideal ratio of size of the upper lip to lower lip is 1:1.6; this is a number called phi. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

Lips after 2 vials of juvederm

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From the photographs it appears that too much was placed in the lower lip, making it out of proportion with the upper lip. If they could place more in the upper lip it would bring everything into proper proportion. I would not place any more in the lower lip.

Byron A. Long, MD
Marietta Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Lip Injection

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Hi ~ It seems like you have a really good result. This  appears to be a good result with 2ml of filler. It is a very subtle line between just enough filler and too much. Your progression is standard and if you want more volume then you probably need another injection.

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