I Have Periodontal Disease Which is Treated, Is Invisalign Recommended? (photo)

I have recently been treated for periodontal disease. Unfortunately it has caused a minor gap (<1mm) in my front 2 teeth. - Should i consider invisalign? - Will this hurt by bones which are probably already weak? - Will i need to wear permanent retainers/wire to keep the new position in place? Or do i risk them going back to the present position? - Should i consider a simple tooth filling/extension to solve the problem? Earlier my teeth had excellent position and never had gaps.

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Perio and invisalign

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Perfect idea. After perio aligners are a great aid. Make sure you keep them very clean and foww your Dr s advice.They will make things look better and refine your bite too and help take stress of the teeth

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Invisalign Problems

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If you are in remission with the periodontal disease and have at least 50% bone left, then invisalign would be a good option (although conventional braces would be better.  Orthodontics has been used for decades as an adjunct to periodontal therapy.  You will need to wear retainers whether you straighten your teeth first or not, because periodontally teeth often have a tendency to continue to migrate (move).

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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