Will Invisalign Work a Second Time? (photo)

I had invisalign for 18 months with 3 refinements. I was meant to be a simple case but there was one tooth (canine) that wouldn't budge. I was impressed at first glance but when you look closely they are far from perfect! Infact I have now have a crooked tooth (central incisor) which was caused by ill fitting invisalign. I blame part of invisalign's failure on my dentist-I suspect he was inexperienced for various reasons. I want to try again- but I'm concerned that it will not work.

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Believe it or not retreating sometime treats out better than the first time. I would wit six months or so and try it again. I would not be surprised that things will respond better the second time. they may not be perfect but i fell they always trun out better the retreatment

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Invisalign Problems

Unfortuanately, Invisalign will not do everything conventional braces will.  Practitioners have to know the limits of the system and their limits with the system.  I would suggest you get consults with several reputable practitioners who can offer brackets and invisalign and listen to them carefully.  Maybe it would be better to have the brackets for a short time and get it over with.  Most dentists who utilize the sure-smile system are are pretty good.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Invisalign the second time

The most important thing to know is that Invisalign is just a TOOL.  Like any other tool, it can be used correctly or incorrectly, it can be the right tool for the job or the wrong tool for the job!

You need to talk with an orthodontist who is very familiar with Invisalign and who has done a lot of cases...only then will you know if you should try again!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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