Will my implants still drop and fluff? I'm 2 months. Am I on the right track? (Photo)

Are my breast dropping the way that they need to I'm 2 months

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Will my implants still drop and fluff? I'm 2 months. Am I on the right track? (Photo)

While implants can take anywhere from 3-6 months to drop and settle into place, at 2 months they appear to still be very high.  Go see your surgeon for a follow up appointment and discuss your concerns.  Perhaps ask about wearing a breast band and massage to help them drop and go from there.  Keep in close contact with your surgeon so your progress can be tracked. Best of luck. ac

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Will my implants still drop and fluff? I'm 2 months. Am I on the right track?


Thank you for your question and photo, Breast for you to visit your surgeon for follow up. 6months to 1 year is the time for total recovery and healing.

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided pictures, I recommend you to wait a couple of more weeks, it is too soon to know when they will drop

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Implant Drop

We generally tell our patients that it will take a minimum of three months for the implants to "drop" and become more a part of you. It may still be a little early in the healing process but be sure to keep follow up with your surgeon as you continue to heel. Good luck!

Implants dropping

At two months it is a bit early and they m ay drop some more. You should follow closely with your surgeon.  Good luck.

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Little to none improvement

They are completely high ridden, the pocket is way to out of the breast anatomic area, in fact your breasts do not looked enhanced as how they should, you should get them revised with your surgeon.

Implants drop with time

Implants typically start to drop around 3 months and may take up to 6 months or longer to reach their final position.  Your implants do appear high at this time.  I would make sure you visit your surgeon so he/she can instruct you on massage and possibly give you a strap to wear across the top of your breasts to encourage them to drop.  Best wishes!

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They will drop some

It can take more than six months for the muscles to stretch and breasts to get more shape.  Give it more time.  

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Are my implants high

From the photographs you've included, it would appear to me that the implants are a little bit high up towards the clavicle. At two months postoperatively, it would either be related to insufficient release of the pocket or early capsular contracture. I would follow up with your plastic surgeon and let them decide how to proceed. Certainly massage and  and maybe an arm strap type band placed around the underarm may help. Good luck.

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Will my implants still drop and fluff? I'm 2 months. Am I on the right track?

Appears you are stuck in high riding position of the implants. Causes are poor dissection of inferior pockets, capsular contracture, or combination. Best to have your "clinica" correct. But than you will pay more$$s. Sometimes the cheap way becomes the expensive one - Sorry.....

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