Non surgical procedure for hanging columella, can it be done with just filler? (photo)

I want to lift my hanging columella without having to undergo an invasive surgery. When I push my finger upwards under the columella I can easily fix the problem as my nostrils can not be seen anymore. I've heard about non surgical procedures for crooked noses, or bumps but nothing for hanging columellas, so my question is is it possible to lift a hanging collumella with filler? I'd like to know before I book my consultation and be let down.

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Can you Use Filler in the Nose instead of Surgery

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Hello there, 

I know from my experience, surgery is the only way to fix this concern. I would not advise fillers for this problem in my patients. I do not think it will work and second, there are some risks injecting in this area. 

James Bonaparte

Ottawa Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Hanging columella Injection

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Injections of filler is unlikely to give you the desired result

Fillers in the nose are best usually in the dorsum not the nasal tip

Fillers can cause skin damage

Be cautious and consult a rhinoplasty expert who will examine you and give you options

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