Smp disappearing.

Ive done smp at vinci clinic in beirut n i done my 3rd session 2 weeks ago. Now scabs are starting to peel and take out the ink. The first 2 sessions made no difference to my scalp at all. Im so upset n dissppointed that i spent $1800 on nothing but pain and waste of time ! Note that i was told to moisturize after day 2 for 4 days but after the 3rd sessions i felt that i need to hydrate more so im still applying moisturizer till now . Please tell me what should i do

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Third session of SMP and it is a failure

This is disturbing. First of all there should be no crusts/scabs after an AMP procedure. Second, there should be no pain while having it done as we always use anesthesia/ Third, something sounds wrong with the pigments used or the operators experience that it should be gone by the third session.  See our website below as we set the standard for this world-wide

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