Scalp Micropigmentation to camouflage 4000 FUE scars? advice? Cost?

I have the real urge to shave the back of my head and keep it that way.. I live in Michigan. would be great if you can answer the following and provide your contact info so that i can contact. Thanks 1) cost for this procedure 2) how long will it take to get this procedure done 3)what the downtown would be after the procedure till i can expose my scalp under sun or outside. 4) will it be permanent? if not, how many years will this last? 5) any other information i should be aware of

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Scalp micropigmentation

If you just want to treat the donor area (back and sides of the head) the cost is $3,500 and it takes three sessions, one week apart. It is permanent. Results are instantaneous and there is no down time. Direct sun exposure is never good for any form of tattoo. It will last your lifetime. 

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