The surgeon switch from mentor to sientra implants. What are the differences and pros & cons of mentor vs sientra?

The surgeon I have chosen is currently using mentor but has just informed me that he might start using sientra implants. What are the differences and pros & cons of mentor vs sientra? Does anyone have any experience with these implants that could give me more info about them? To clarify, my doctor is adding these along with mentor. He is a board certified plastic surgeon. They are the only ones that can get these implants.

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Sientra Breast Implants as Compared to Mentor or Allergan Breast Implants

This is a great question.
Congratulations by way on deciding to move forward with a breast augmentation.

Sientra breast implants are essentially the “latest and greatest”. They are fifth generation breast implants or
the highly cohesive shaped silicone gel breast implants or gummy bear implants. There are now three companies in the U.S.
with these implants. The implants
include all of Sientra’s product line, Mentor’s MemoryShape and Natrelle’s 410
“gummy bears”. These are all excellent implants and in fact a recent research
paper published just a few days ago (June 28, 2014) in the main plastic surgery
journal shows that, while there are differences in the biomechanics of these
three implants, these differences are not big ones and that the implants are all
biomechanically very sound. Sientra’s implant is however a little tougher.

The main difference at the time of writing this (things may
change in the future) is that Sientra has the following advantages over the
other implants:

  • It has arguably the best warrantee of the implants available in the US. (Mentor, Allergan or Natrelle and Sientra). The company virtually changed the game of the implant industry when it started to provide implant replacement if you develop a capsule contracture in the first two years.
  • Sientra provides a two year warrantee for capsule contracture.
  • The Sientra safety profile is better in that it has a documented significantly lower capsule contracture rate with its textured surface implants over its competitors.
  • When it comes to their shaped implants they have a larger variety of sizes, shapes and projections.

The bottom line is that you cannot go wrong with any of the
new implants but if risk reduction and warrantees are factor in your decision
then Sientra is the choice I would recommend. It is exactly why your surgeon is making the
switch; it appears to be a better implant! As surgeons we want the best for our patients
and that is why I made the switch to Sientra.

I hope that helps.

Best regards.

Kirkland Plastic Surgeon
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Mentor vs. Sientra Breast Implants

Hello and thank you for your question.
I have experience with all three implant manufacturers in the United States (Mentor, Natrelle and Sientra) and I can say that they are all high quality and yield great results.  Most surgeons develop a personal preference over time for a number of reasons including availability, manufacturer representative relationship, hospital stock, personal experience, etc.    
You're right that only board certified or board eligible plastic surgeons have access to Sientra implants.  
We choose different volumes, textures and shapes of implants based on characteristics specific to you.  But the truth is that the "brand" of implant chosen will ultimately not make much difference for you.  
What's most important is that you are being treated by an experienced plastic surgeon who can deliver the results you desire. 
Best of luck to you,

Ruth Celestin, MD

Ruth Celestin, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Sientra Implants

I have surgical   experience with all three implant manufacturers in the United States (Mentor, Natrelle and Sientra)  They are all high quality and yield great results. I switched full time to Sientra Highly cohesive gel, Generaton 5, tru gummy bear implants over 2 years ago and 120 patients have undergone Sientra implants with wonderful results.
  My reasons are as follows: Sientra makes the ONLY round Implant in both smooth and textured wall both the High Profile and Moderate Plus versions, the implants have less wrinkles than the older Gen 4 implants, and both HP and MP products give a more permanent superior quadrant upper pole fullness that patients desire.

I still use the periareolar subpectoral approach with help of the Keller funnel.  These implants make perfect sense when doing a combination augmentation/mastopexy in patients that are prone to post op recurrence of Ptosis or sagging after a few years.  The shaped gel allows for less pressure in the bottom of the  pocket and allows for a longer lasting sillohette.

Phillip Nunnery, MD
Panama City Plastic Surgeon
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Sientra implants

the advantages of the Sientra implant, and I use the round, smooth moderate plus implant, is that there is less rippling than what I have had with the other manufacturers implants (rippling is minimal with any silicone gel implant, but less with the Sientra). The Sientra gel is a 5th generation highly cohesive gel, a true gummy bear implant and in my experience, this seems to give a more natural feel, although this is very subjective.

this information is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for a consultation with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Thomas C. Wiener, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Mentor vs. Sientra

Thanks for your question. Both companies make excellent implants and their safety records are well-established. Sientra is sometimes described as a "new" option, but these implants have been used abroad for more than 30 years. Sientra and Mentor products are similar, but of the highly cohesive or "gummy bear" style implants, Sientra offers the only round option. I also like Sientra's assortment of bases, shapes, and projections, because it helps to create a truly custom result. As other doctors have mentioned, they are also the only company that currently offers a warranty that covers implant replacement in cases of capsular contracture. Studies have indicated a lower instance of capsular contracture with the Sientra implants. That said, Mentor makes an excellent product as well, and a skilled plastic surgeon will create beautiful results with whatever "tools" he or she feels work best. It sounds like you're doing your homework, and that's a good sign that you'll have a great outcome. The fact that your doctor is doing his best to offer a variety of options is also a good sign. Best of luck to you!

Andrew Smith, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Due to my experience  of many, many years with SIENTRA (Silimed) implants  I can assure you this implants have  very good statistics with very low complications as Capsular Contraction or downshift, results are great and appearance is very natural when placed under the pectoral muscle.

Adolfo Sesto, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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There are a few advantages to Sientra implants.

Many surgeons are switching from Mentor or Allergan implants to Sientra implants for a variety of reasons. The Sientra Corporation Silimed silicone gel highly cohesive implants are more cohesive than traditional silicone implants, and they have an impressive success rate in regards to decreased chance of gel leakage, reduced risk of capsular contracture formation and decreased rates of rippling. Sientra implants also come with a 2-year warranty offering free implant replacement to any woman who develops a grade 3 or 4 capsular contracture within 2 years of her augmentation. Sientra implants are also only available to board certified plastic surgeons, ensuring the highest quality results. While similar results can be achieved no matter which brand you choose, many surgeons opt to use Sientra implants for these factors.

David L. Kaufman, MD
Folsom Plastic Surgeon
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Mentor vs. Sientra Breast Implants

Thank you for your question!  There are some similarities between Mentor and Sientra implants. However, I feel that overall Sientra has more advantages. I have used all three companies’ implants and have used Mentor implants for many years. However, I have switched to primarily Sientra at this point. With regards to smooth implants, the Sientra implants have a more cohesive gel than Mentor’s implants so for this reason I like them better, although, the difference is not as noticeable with the smooth implants as it is with textured implants. I use primarily textured implants these days because of a lower risk for implant migration, lower risk for capsular contracture and the fact that patients do not have to do breast massage after augmentation with textured implants. The texturing varies dramatically between the three companies and I feel Sientra’s texturing is overall the best as it has enough friction that it stays in position, but not excessive adherence where it feels fixed to the chest wall. In addition, the implants have a more form-stable gel. However, the gel is still very soft and the shell of the implant still has a very thin seal despite the fact that it is textured. As a result, I think these implants, in my opinion, are the best on the market and I tend to use textured silicone implants in the majority of my patients.

Robert Cohen, MD
Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon
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Sientra Breast Implants

I have experience with all three implant manufacturers in the United States (Mentor, Natrelle and Sientra) and I can say that they are all high quality implants that yield great results. Most surgeons develop a personal preference over time for a number of reasons including availability, manufacturer representative relationship, hospital stock, personal experience, etc. You are correct that only board certified or board eligible plastic surgeons have access to Sientra implants. I determine the volume, texture and shape of the implant tailored to the characteristics that you desire for your overall look. However, the "brand" of implant will ultimately not play a large part in your satisfaction post surgery. The most important factor that you need to consider is that you are being treated by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who can deliver the results you desire.

Scott Chapin, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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Implant Brand

Ultimately, no implant manufacturer has proven that their device looks or feels better once implanted despite all the marketing hype. Anytime there are many choices, it is because they all have positives and negatives. The implant manufacturers prey on the unknowing consumer to pick a device with flashy advertising, or the “newer is always better” marketing campaign strategy, which may or may not have any data to back it up.

The one notable difference between Mentor and Allergan and Sientra is that Mentor has now published the highest failure rate at 10 years.

Evan Feldman, MD, FACS
Texas Plastic Surgeon
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