How much quantity of PRP is required for hair?

How much PRP must be injected into scalp per sitting? I have seen on internet that doctors inject multiple syringes per visit. I am confused If my doctor injected very little quantity. I have got FUE transplant also.

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In my opinion, 4 to 5 times normal serum platelet concentration is the  suggested dose. The amount injected depends upon the injection technique. If the PRP is injected sub dermal it has the ability to diffuse and less is needed. Find a PRP expert. Good luck


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PRP quality

The amount of PRP and the platelet count in the PRP are 2 important factors. 

Generally you want a cell count of 3-5x baseline platelets although higher cell counts have been used.  Additionally you need about 12cc of PRP for every 70cm2 (half of scalp).  

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