I Have Painful Angiolipomas on Thighs That Are Too Small to Be Removed, Any Alternative?

I have been diagnosed with 8-12 painful angiolipomas on my thighs. Two surgeons have told me that the tumors cannot be removed because they are not large enough to easily see and/or feel. They range in size from the size of a pea to 10 cm in diameter. The pea size tumors are hard to locate by touch. The problem is that I can't sit for long in a chair without the pain becoming unbearable. Is there any alternative other than surgery? Or is there some type of surgery that would work for me?

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Piesotherapy (Small Incision and Drainage) Works Well For Removing Lipomas

Piesotherapy is an excellent approach for treating most kinds of lipomas. In this procedure, following local anesthesia, a small punch (a cookie-cutter like instrument) is used to punch out a tiny hole in the center of the lipoma through which the fatty contents may be coaxed out. In most cases, the entire lipoma can be removed in this fashion, even if it is much larger than the tiny opening created by the punch--very much the way a good-sized infant may be delivered through the vagina. The wound p\opening can then be stitched with only a very few stitches, which typically results in a tiny, often barely perceptible scar. 

In the event that the area cannot be easily delineated, a trial of mesotherapy might be considered. A series of tiny injections of minute amounts of fat dissolving agents, such as phosphatidyl choline (with our without concomitant injectable steroids)--spaced at several week intervals--may be tried in one area, and if successful in shrinking the lesion and diminishing the discomfort, may be used on any other areas not amenable to piesotherapy. I have practices both on the Upper East Side of NY and in Israel and have had success with this approach in Israel where this form of mesotherapy is approved and readily available.

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Removal Skin ,Fat masses

These masses can be removed by a technique that involves a very tiny incision, manipulating the mass by hand or with micro instruments .it sounds like a pathology study was performed before but any growing ,painful mass should be removed and treated .Have done this for past 20 years and works well. Usually covered by insurance . Injections do not work.


hope that this helps.

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